Modern Yoga: Everything You Want to Know about the Pelvic Floor

Modern Yoga: Everything You Want to Know about the Pelvic Floor

Author: Kerry McInnes, Ely Bakouche, Ksenia Sapunkova

Format: ebook

Pages: 82

ISBN: 9781999411817

Publisher: Shut Up & Yoga

Release Date: August 01, 2019

Description du Livre

"Modern Yoga: Everything You Want to Know About the Pelvic Floor" is your handy guide to understanding all things PF - what it does, what can go wrong, and how yoga practitioners, teachers, and any human being with a pelvis can work with their pelvic floor for optimal health.

This book includes:

- 82 pages of practical and condensed knowledge

- Information about the complex and multi-functional nature of the pelvic floor and how it relates to breathing, your posture, sex and orgasms, and more

- Information about pelvic floor disorders and why Kegels are not all they're cracked up to be

- 5 tips & 6 functional movement exercises to help improve your pelvic health

- Learn how to RELAX your pelvic floor with pelvic diaphragmatic breath work and reverse Kegels

- Practical recommendations for yoga teachers & explanation of why the "lift your pelvic floor" cue is outdated (goodbye, Mula Bandha!)

- Q&A with a pelvic health physiotherapist

- Original illustrations by Canadian artist Ksenia Sapunkova

Author's note:

I take it you want to learn more about the pelvic floor (PF), and you have come to the right place. The PF has become a hot topic in the movement world, so the time is ripe to learn more about it. It is a fascinating region of the body to explore because of the complex and multi-functional nature of the muscles that support our man and lady bits. While these muscles might be famed for their ability to control our bowels and bladder, PF function goes much further.

In this book, we dive into the functions beyond the obvious. We explain:

- How the PF responds to your every movement to maintain your overall stability and posture
- How the PF relates to breathing AND how we can use breathwork to encourage the PF to relax
- How the PF is involved in sex and orgasms
- How PF health is so closely related to psychological health via the mind-body connection

When you take a step back and begin to appreciate everything the PF does, it is really rather astounding! So astounding, that I believe the PF needs to be honoured, appreciated, and worked with. And guess what -- this book offers a set of tools for helping improve your overall pelvic health. What's more, since we believe in consulting experts, we also provide a Q&A with a pelvic health physiotherapist who specializes in this area of the body.

As movement enthusiasts -- and more importantly, as human beings with a pelvic floor -- I think it is so important to educate ourselves about pelvic health. This is precisely why we made this book.

I hope you enjoy learning about the PF as much
as I enjoyed writing this book!

-- Kerry McInnes

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