How Skin Burns

How Skin Burns

Author: Emmy Ellis

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 164

Language: English

Description du Livre


DI Bethany Smith is thrown into another harrowing case, where a missing person has been found dead, buried in the woods.

Why has the body been placed in a massive plastic bag complete with a ribbon and a sprig of holly attached, as though it’s a gift?

Why is she wearing a Victorian dress and boots?

More importantly, her skin has been burnt. Who would want to torture someone like that?

There are too many questions with no answers, and when a second body is found close to the first, Bethany knows they have a serious nutter on their hands.

Then another woman goes missing. Where is she being kept? What’s the connection between her and the other two?

With a prime suspect in her sights right from the beginning, Bethany is desperate to get the justice the victims deserve. The problem is, his alibis check out—for the most part—so it’s a case of waiting for him to slip up. If he ever will…

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