Delta Tango: A Viet Nam War Novel

Delta Tango: A Viet Nam War Novel

Author: David Allin

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 245

Description du Livre

It was a night of terror and destruction for the men of Dau Tieng base camp. Two battalions of North Vietnamese Army regulars attacked the camp and broke through the wire, running amok with RPGs and satchel charges. This real battle is portrayed through the eyes of three fictional characters who must survive the night, discovering much about themselves in the process. A young infantry PFC who has just arrived in country must prove himself the hard way, a cynical artillery sergeant must come to terms with the destruction he causes, and a disgraced officer must overcome his many personal problems, all while they fight an enemy who is everywhere around them. This book takes you into the heat of battle, revealing the emotional toll it takes on the men and the courage they display to protect themselves and their fellow soldiers. These are actual harrowing events that you can experience along with the fictional characters, to see what the war was really like for the men who fought it.

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