Taken! Box Set, Books 19-24

Taken! Box Set, Books 19-24

Author: Donald Wells

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 136

Language: English

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                                         TAKEN! BOX SET - Books 19 - 24

TAKEN! 19 - Dr. White, Widow It's now days after the deadly crash and Jessica still holds out hope as the bodies of Juliet and her husband have yet to be recovered.
Meanwhile, Sarah Callaway, sister of prime suspect Dave Callaway has a theory as to why no bodies have been found, a theory that, while disturbing, at least does offer a hope for survival.
And yet, in the end, reality comes crashing down and Jessica must deal with the fact that her husband is gone.

TAKEN! 20 - ALIVE! After miraculously surviving a deadly helicopter crash, Dr. White's husband succumbs to immense fatigue brought on by his struggle to live.
Joe Cowley is just drifting through life after a tragic event, but when he comes upon Dr. White's husband, he doesn't even hesitate to try to help the injured stranger.
Just as Joe thinks he's found help, he and the stranger are abducted, and the real struggle for survival begins.

TAKEN! 21 - ARRESTED! Chief Dent has identified a new suspect in the downing of the helicopter and seeks to learn more about them, even as evidence emerges that proves Jessica's husband's may have survived.

After being placed under arrest without cause by the very people that abducted him, Dr. White's husband soon finds himself facing a judge.
When the judge seeks to teach Dr. White's husband a lesson, he soon learns valuable lessons of his own, that the doctor's husband is not a man to be intimidated and that there are some men that will never be bowed.

TAKEN! 22 - IMPRISONED! When Jessica learns about the growing evidence of her husband's survival, she's ecstatic, but when she's also made aware that a trusted friend may be behind everything, it sickens her to the core.

Meanwhile, Jessica's husband is forced to take part in a life and death struggle against another innocent man, and only one of them can survive.

TAKEN! 23 - BREAKOUT! When Jessica learns the reason behind the near-fatal attack on her husband, the shock stuns her.
But the assailant is not done yet, and when he makes an attempt to abduct her, Chief Dent pays the price during his deadly attack.
With the culprit on the loose, Jessica vows revenge and goes in search of vengeance.

Meanwhile, Jessica's husband finds an unexpected ally, even as Joe Cowley schemes to help free his new friend.

TAKEN! 24 - Dr. White, AVENGER! Jessica tracks down her prey and leaves him to believe that she's more vulnerable than ever. And yet, it's the doctor who is playing upon her enemy's weakness, and who in the end will teach him that when needed, she can be as ruthless as her husband.

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